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Drama Showcase & Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in School


Every Wednesday when the teachers have contact time, we have drama lessons. Finally, the day of the drama showcase is here. Daddy specially applied for leave to come and see my performance. I acted as an elephant and was given the chance to speak into the microphone because I can speak loudly and clearly. 😊


The following day, there’s a mid-Autumn festival celebration in school. My paternal grandparents joined us for this. See the 2 lanterns Je t’aime and I are holding! They are made by my ah-gong. He spent half a day making the lanterns. Creative ah-gong I have!


Besides the concert and lantern procession, there were various stations of activity that we can go to and learn more about the mid-autumn festival and the Chinese culture. First, we tired our hand at Chinese painting. Fun!!


We tasted pomelo and we like it alot. It’s a fruit we hardly tasted before.


Je t’aime and I made our very own snowskin mooncake too. I made a rainbow coloured one. It tasted yummy!!


We had lantern riddle guessing, tasting of oolong tea and of course tasting of different mooncakes. Je t’aime specially chose a strawberry flavored mooncake. We really enjoyed ourselves alot. Kudos to my school for such a fun-filled and educational celebration.


Lantern procession around my school. It symbolizes us being a light for Jesus and shining for Him. That’s what my principal told us.


This year, I bought 9 mini snowskin mooncakes for daddy and mummy from my own money. I set aside $68 to buy but eventually mummy got me to buy at less than $30 from bengawan solo. She didn’t want me to spend too much money. I love my parents alot and am willing to spend on them. And of course, make them happy!


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September School Holidays


Very very proud to announce that I can balance and cycle a short distance, the first time I tried 2 wheels. Have been cycling on 4 wheels bicycle and mummy decided the September hols is a good time to ‘train’ and practise. She didn’t expect me to be able to balance at my first session. Hooray!! I am also very happy!


During the aug ND hols, we dug for Dino bones. Now, we dug an Egyptian tomb (bought from Art Science Museum when we visited the Mummy’s exhibition). We love holidays as it gives us more time for leisure and fun! Holidays is not meant to pile on academics work. Thank God for my parents!


Daddy took leave from work to bring us out too! We went to fidgets indoor playground on his first day of leave and spent hours there. On the second day, we went to science centre specially for the Stars observatory at night.


We especially like the ‘Scientists For A Day’ section at the singapore science centre. There are different hands-on experiments there everytime we visited. This time round, the experiment is about electricity. Je t’aime is being charged up by w low voltage. Can you see her hair stand? (Zoom in the pic to see). She is like mini-Magneto (those who knows X-Men). While being charged, she can attract paper with her fingers and make a metal thing move without touching it. When mummy accidentally touches her, mummy got a shock literally. I tried the experiment too and it was so fun! The staff in charge are also very professional and will patiently explain the concepts to children. Thumbs up for Science Centre.


There’s a Defence Science Exhibition that we had to pay for admission but now it’s part of the exhibitions in Science Centre. I love the game where you find and identify enemy targets using Defence science technology. Look at the score chart and see mummy and my high score. We are in almost every position except the top. Haa…


The moment that we had been waiting for is finally here. Nightfall. It’s time to look through the telescope and the observatory. We saw Venus, Saturn (with its rings and at least one moon near it) and earth’s moon (with the craters very clearly). It is indeed an experience for all of us. We also learnt to identify various stars and planets that we can spot with our naked eye. One example is the red star that is called the heart of scorpion (the constellation). We now know where to look out for them whether it’s North, South, East or West. Thank you daddy for agreeing to come upon my request. We almost bought a telescope home, haha!

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4th of September


4th of September is Je t’aime’s exact birthday. Daddy would normally take childcare leave for such occasion but alas today he had reservist. He bought a cake the night before so we could surprise Je t’aime with a cake on her birthday morning. Daddy’s gift for Je t’aime is a bicycle that she has been asking for since I had mine. 😊


Mummy brought us to Swenson for dinner and Je t’aime had her favourite pasta.


We had complimentary ice-cream because it’s Je t’aime’s birthday!!


We went to United Square to buy 3 pairs of shoes for the birthday girl as her current shoes are all too small for her. She was over the moon! This little cute sister of mine even commented that United Square had those light decorations because they are celebrating her birthday for her. Haha!


Daddy joined us at United Square and also we had desserts. Je t’aime loves desserts as she has a sweet tooth, just like mummy! A very blessed 4th Year Ild Birthday to our most beloved sister. I love her alot alot.

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Je t’aime’s 4 Year Old Birthday Party


Time flies. Je t’aime is turning 4! My little sister is growing up and growing fast!


Mummy is expecting a baby and is 4+ months now. Though tired, she still planned a party for Je t’aime because she knows Je t’aime loves to have a birthday party. Hmm… but mummy doesn’t know how many more years is she going to continue planning birthday parties. Stamina is getting low, she may decide to stop soon. 😳


The friends who came for the party and bless us with their presence.


Some simple snacks for the guests. Respectively from left to right: Royal Jewels, Royal Jelly, Gold and Gems, Love is in the Air.


The cake is from The Icing Room which mummy and Je t’aime decorated it on their own.


The first game was ‘Saving Little Mermaid’s Friends’. Ursula the sea witch has captured the sea creatures (friends of Little Mermaid). It’s up to the children to save the sea creatures with their magnetic ‘fishing rod’.


The 2nd game was ‘Snow White & the Animals’. It’s well known that Snow White has alot of animals friends. This game is to help Snow White matches the animals with their family members. It’s a relay game where we find a pair of animals (the parent and the young). The above pic shows the end of the game and mummy is counting which group has the most pairs of animals.


‘Rapunzel’s Hair’ is the 3rd game. Grandma Annie and Aunty Esther were enlisted to help out by contributing their hair for the children to ‘decorate’.


The end result was taken and put on Facebook for voting.


Checking out the live voting and eventually the winner is the girls’ group who decorated grandma Annie’s hair on the left.


The winner group got to pull the strings of the princess piñata first. The girls won. Je t’aime being the birthday gal gets the chance to pull first and she chose the correct string. Alas, she wasn’t strong enough to pull open the piñata. But that was good too as it enabled all of us to have a chance to pull the piñata. All in all, we had fun. Hopefully the guests has fun too! 😄

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Je t’aime and Her Journey of Violin


In August, we discovered that Je t’aime knows the notes of the keys we played on the piano, without looking at it. We were told by people that it’s called ‘perfect pitch’. Mummy’s Aunty who is a piano teacher commented that perfect pitch people should learn violin. We didn’t take it seriously till our piano teacher, Teacher Peiling, also commented the same thing. As Je t’aime did express her interest in violin a few months back, daddy and mummy decided it’s time to give it a serious thought.


Thus began a trial class for Je t’aime in September. Of course, we bought her a violin too. The teacher is good and the interest is there. So begins Je t’aime’s journey with the violin. Will update more when she completes more lessons. 😊 Jia you, my ‘just turned 4 year old’ little sister.

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Celebrated Singapore’s birthday with a morning dim sum which left us very full after that. Yummy! Thereafter, we went to the River Safari, all don in national colours. Though it was very crowded, we still had fun.


I had my Taekwondo grading in the first week of August. Praise the Lord that I passed my grading and am now a green belt holder. 😊


Fooling around with Je t’aime with my belts. My sister is the happiest when I passed my grading as she gets to wear the belt and plays with it. Haha!


From green belt onwards, there will be sparring included in future grading. Here I am, all ready in full gear for my light sparring lessons. I enjoyed my first session and am looking forward to more sparring.


August is a month of achievements! Je t’aime can read independently on her own. Not just baby books but wordy books like Dora and Diego books shown in the above pic. She can read the berenstain bears books too! Hooray for Je t’aime! Thank God for His blessings! Mummy is most happy as she don’t have to keep reading to Je t’aime. 😁


I took my ABRSM grade 3 piano practical exam on the 27 August. Praise the Lord that I obtained distinction for it. I am cool about it but my parents are super happy and proud of me, especially mummy. Reason being I was too busy to prepare for this exam due to June MIM festival, early July Asia piano competition, end July piano recital at esplanade. I officially did ‘intense’ preparation for grade 3 exam 1 month before the exam. Sight reading was totally neglected till the very last minute and was my weakest link. I emerged from the exam room telling mummy everything was fine except sight reading. So we were hoping for at least a merit. But thank God I obtained 136 out of 150 (distinction). Yeah yeah yeah! (Mummy’s cheering inside her heart, haha) All glory to God!

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Jireh’s Milestones


Very very privileged to be one of the three P1 students chosen from the entire cohort to have a story telling session with Jill Biden (2nd Lady of the United States) at the Central Public Library on Friday (26 July, 2013). Only 10 students were chosen from my primary school. 3 from P1 and the 7 are from P2.


The above are the souvenirs that were given to us. The big bag has the emblem of the Vice-President of the United States (Joe Biden) and both his and his wife’s signature on the bag. The small box that I am holding contains M&M sweets in American colours (blue, red and white). The box even has the seal of the President (Barack Obama). The book is a colouring book about the White House with lots of information.


The yummy and cute M&Ms. Yum yum!


I thank God for His favour upon my life thus far! My teacher told mummy she chose me because I am a “VERY adorable and bright boy” and “highly capable”. Thank God for His blessings! The 10 students even had an ‘interview’ session with our Principal and a ‘grooming’ session before our Friday trip.


On a separate note, I just had my first solo piano recital at the Esplanade yesterday. With me are my music friends.


Us in our respective poses.


Thanks to my paternal grandparents who came to support me.


And also to wa-ma, xiao-yi and uncle ben too!

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Jireh is 7!!


Time flies! I am 7 years old!


Celebrated with a dinosaur theme party this year with 13 friends.


My beautiful and yummy cake!


My cousins and friends!


Paternal side.


Maternal side.


Aunties and cousins!


I had a good time at the party and do hope my friends enjoyed themselves too! Thank you all for your presence and presents!

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Je t’aime’s milestones


Je t’aime is 3 years 9 months old. We are proud to say that she is emerging to be a beginning reader. She would browse through lots of books on her own and even attempt to read simple books all by herself! Hooray for Je t’aime.


Je t’aime’s mathematics skills is getting better too! Presently, mummy is starting her with bigger numbers addition. She could already do her addition and subtraction within 1-10. Next up will be addition with regrouping. That will expose her to bigger numbers and challenge her. We are sure she is able to do well! 😄 Jia you, mei mei!

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Gold Coast


Went Gold Coast, Australia during the June holidays and we had fun! Long long post, to be updated later.

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